Some background ….

shelleyEveryday Ensembles is led by Shelley Quirke, a graduate from Bulmershe College of Higher Education in Berkshire (now Reading University).   Shelley graduated in 1988 with a B. Ed Honours degree in Music.  After ten years of classroom teaching both at home and abroad and several years of travelling as full time mother of two, she is  now returning to her musical roots and building a group piano/ keyboard ensemble business in East Preston, West Sussex.

“Learning to play an instrument can be a very solitary experience. Particularly so if you play the piano.  Memories of my youth consist of hours of practise time spent in a room behind closed doors preparing for the next exam grade.  There were occasions to play in the company of others, usually when performing or taking examinations, but rarely, unless accompanying another instrumentalist, to play with them.  This, should not, and does not, have to be the case.  I believe the immense pleasure music brings is only strengthened when shared with others. Everyday Ensembles provides a rare opportunity for keyboard players of all levels to come together and share their enthusiasm for playing this wonderful instrument.”

Everyday Ensembles aims to improve one’s technical proficiencies whilst developing skills in general musicianship such as:

  • Harmonisation
  • Sight reading
  • Transposition
  • Improvisation
  • Theory

What are the benefits of learning in a group?

As well as the obvious social aspect, it is a dynamic and motivational way to learn.  The group situation promotes keen listening skills, a strong sense of rhythm, enhanced interpretation, a more varied repertoire and confidence in performing.

Above all, Everyday Ensembles provides a platform for personal growth and a stimulating environment in which to have FUN